Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Article by Ilkka Tuomi

This article was my first serious interaction with open the online educational resources. I have been aware of some of the products and have taught courses using the Moodle learning management system but was unaware of the history and design of this type of resource.
I was struck by the very first quote in the paper which talked about the possibility of a meta-university. I have been working with online courses for the past 10 years and I have been fascinated to see the development that has come but also disappointed to see the diverse city and lack of connectivity between the wide variety of systems developed.
I believe the authors comments concerning the shift in educational models from the traditional, knowledge transfer and internalization, through the active, social and problem-oriented models. I believe that online education will only be able to develop to his full potential as this is realized in our educational philosophy.
The authors comments concerning the openness in the social booming or especially helpful as they provided the framework to understand various aspects of the free software movement and how all this moment is changing the very concept of proprietary information. This discussion and along with the discussion concerning copyright laws is especially significant as we are attempting to find information to use for our courses without violating any copyright laws. I felt the discussion concerning the types of resources was an aid in this area as it allowed me to begin to sort resources into the various categories mentioned in the article. I plan on using this particular part of the article with our faculty to help them begin to have a vision of being an “open fountain" resource.
The “example initiatives and projects" is a helpful reference for me to begin looking at various resources that are already unavailable in this field and seeing how they can be integrated into our existing system.
Jim King

Who Am I?

I teach intercultural studies and pastor courses at Baptist Bible Seminary in Pennsylvania, United States. I have been teaching here for 20 years and currently am the Professor of Intercultural Studies. I also direct the Internet Course Development Program and work with online course design and faculty development.
I have a desire to take this course so that I may learn more about open educational resources and be better equipped to design an online program which will provide educational opportunities and leadership development for the global church. I have struggled with the reality that the vast majority of the world cannot pay the current tuition rates for our courses and something must be done to alleviate this issue. I believe open educational resources can and will be a vital part of the solution.
Jim King